What Is Toilet Paper Made Of

Toilet is a household necessity that most people cannot do without. This particular hygiene product is necessary for cleaning oneself after using the bathroom. Toilet paper is not only used for wiping away waste material from the body; it is also used to wipe up small messes, to take off make up and for people to blow their noses. So, how is toilet paper made and where does it come from? The following material will shed some insight into the toilet paper manufacturing process.

The Basic Ingredients of Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is made from trees or recycled paper. The kind that is manufactured from trees is called “virgin” toilet paper. Recycled toilet paper does not have an alternate name. Here are the basic ingredients that are needed for each type.

Tree or Virgin Manufactured Toilet Paper:

  • Trees
  • Water
  • Chemicals for extracting fiber
  • Bleaches like chlorine dioxide

Recycled Toilet Paper Products:

  • Oxygen
  • Ozone
  • Sodium hydroxide or peroxide to whiten the recycled paper

The process does not require a bunch of materials and supplies and it is relatively fast, follow these twitter updates.

Manufacturing Trees into Toilet Paper

When manufacturers use trees to make toilet paper they start out by cutting down select varieties. Many toilet paper companies usually grow or import their own tree strands that are used for the toilet making process. Once they chop down the trees they send them to their processing plants to have them debarked.

After the bark has been removed, the stripped wood part is then sent through a logger to be turned into chips. When the wood has been chipped it is then put into separate groups. Each group of chipped wood is placed into a humongous pressure cooker known as a digester. Paper makers add chemicals to the wood chips. The digester reduces the chips down to a pulp fiber that is similar to a wooden sludge.

The pulp is then bleached with the sodium hydroxide or the peroxide. This process removes all of the color from the substance, turning it white. Lignin is the adhesive fibers that bind wood and they must be removed from the pulp so that the paper will not turn yellow over time.

The treated pulp is then combined with a lot of water to produce a huge amount of paper stock. The pulp is then drained over screens. The paper then goes through a drying process which involves pressing the material. A scraper uses metal blades to remove the paper once it dries and it is then wound around gigantic reels. The paper is then sent to a perforating machine that cuts the paper into even squares.

Manufacturing Process for Recycled Paper

Recycled toilet paper is created in the same way as virgin Toilet Advisors paper. However, the only difference is that recycled paper is taken from left over paper waste. This waste has to be de-inked and have all of the objects (pins, staples, est.) removed before it can be recycled. Once again the toilet paper making process is fairly simple but it is a never ending thing because people will always need to use the bathroom.