Shower Cleaning Tips

There’s no doubt that bathrooms get disgusting over time. Everyone likes their shower area to be a clean place but it needs to be maintained and cleaned often to keep it nice.

Shower TLC cleaning is usually not a fun job, but once you’re done you will be glad you did it.

Before you begin to clean your shower remove all soap bars and shampoo bottles. Also, take down the shower curtain so it’s not in your way. It’s probably gross anyway and needs to be washed. You may be able to put it right into your washing machine and then let it air dry. Make sure you read the label first to see if it is machine washable.

Begin by gathering up all the supplies you need to clean the shower and put on some rubber gloves. You might want to wear a mask too. If you have a window in your bathroom, go ahead and open it for ventilation. Rinse the shower area well before you add cleaner.

You can probably find a bathroom/shower cleaner at the store that will work great. Bleach works well too, and it will kill those germs. Just don’t mix it with any other cleaner as this may be harmful to breathe.

If you want to use something less toxic, make a paste with vinegar and baking soda. Wipe down your shower and tub, then let it sit a while before stubbing with a sponge. Use an old tooth brush to get into those hard to reach places and in between the tiles. I have found that a rough scrub pad has worked well to clean up those hard water stains. This might not apply to you if you have tiles in your shower. The scrub pad may scratch them.

To clean the shower head and tub facet and knobs, mix a soulution of equal parts hot water and vinegar. Wipe down those areas with a sponge and it should make them shine. I’ve even heard that using a slice of lemon for this would shine it up too. That would also make it smell nice!

When you are done, rinse the area with hot water again. Hang your shower curtain back up and put everything back in that you took out. Then, dry the walls to help prevent mildew. You should be left with a sparkly and clean shower!