Save Money and Control Static with Wool Dryer Balls

Is static cling getting the better of you? Are you searching for a way to save money? The solution may be simpler than you think. There are many ways to reduce or remove static cling. You can save money and control static using organic wool dryer balls. They’re easy to use and efficient. If money is really tight or if you are looking for a way to maximize your savings, you can even make your own dryer balls out of organic wool yarn.

Static and Over-Drying

The primary reason for static cling in clothing is due to over-drying. Even with dryer balls you can still witness static cling if you over-dry your clothing for too long. Over-drying is bad because it wastes electricity and costs you more money in the long run due to higher utility bills. Static cling is especially predominant during winter weather, especially on days where there is low humidity.

Save Money and Control Static with Wool Dryer Balls

How Dryer Balls Work

Organic wool dryer balls work to eliminate static cling from your clothing without the use of harmful chemicals or other additives as they rub against the fabric. They also reduce wrinkles and make clothing softer during the drying cycle by fluffing your laundry as they move so you can look and feel your best every day.

Keep in mind though that dryer balls need space to move around. To maximize their effect, be sure to only do small or medium loads. Use three balls for small loads and up to six balls for medium loads of laundry. Large loads don’t leave enough space for wool dryer balls to work properly.

Tips for Saving Even More Money

There are ways to speed up the dry cycle past the 25% savings that already come from using organic wool dryer balls. One way to save even more on your utility bills is to spray your dryer balls with water. With the balls being so dense they dry the laundry more quickly. This in turn increases the humidity level inside of the dryer, getting rid of as well as preventing static cling.

You can also make your own wool dryer balls by purchasing a skein or two of organic wool yarn. Do not buy wool yarn that claims it is “machine washable” or has the “superwash” label on it. Those types of yarn will not felt properly and you won’t be able to successfully make dryer balls.

Save Money and Control Static with Wool Dryer Balls

Customize Your Dryer Balls

Organic wool dryer balls do not have to be scent-free. You can add your favorite scent to them by placing a few drops of essential oil onto each one. The oils don’t cost much to purchase and the balls last up to 1000 loads before needing to be replaced. Just remember to let the oils sit for about 10 to 20 minutes before using. Also, be sure to throw them into a couple of wash cycles to tighten them up before setting them free in the dryer. Otherwise the wool can loosen and won’t be able to provide all of the benefits possible.